How to say 'Merry Christmas' in different languages?

Authored by Anna, 21 Dec 2020
How many of your friends come from abroad? We meet on holiday, we sometimes work together, and often… we get married! :) When Christmas is coming, it’s worth putting some effort and checking how to say the season’s greetings in their mother tongue. It can be more precious than a gift!
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6 Ideas for a Calendar Yearbook

Authored by Anna, 16 Dec 2020
It’s easy to work with, practical and can be quickly designed. The most intuitive, when it comes to summarising the whole year, Yearbook in the form of a Photo Calendar. Is it just a collection of last year’s photos or should it have some theme?

2 original DIY ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know!

Authored by Annalisa, 15 Dec 2020
Only a few days left until Christmas! Have you already packed your gifts? No worries! If you haven’t got a chance to buy our ready Christmas boxes with photo products, we encourage you to watch other three vlogs in which we’re presenting 2 original ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know!

Fun Christmas Family Activities

Authored by Anna, 11 Dec 2020
Can we still play together? Sure we can! Sometimes we just lack the idea :) We’ve gone out of practice because we rarely spend whole days together without school, work, running errants. Therefore, we’ve collected a few fun Christmas games for the whole family!
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Baby and toddler Christmas photo shoot ideas

Authored by Anna, 26 Nov 2020
Christmas is when you can spend quality time with your family. It seems to be the most characteristic time during the year, too (well perhaps except from Halloween :)) The Christmas tree, the ornaments, lights, presents and all the family members around. How to use this perfect combination? Organise a photo shoot! You don’t…

Planning a baby shower – ideas, decorations, presents

Authored by Anna, 22 Oct 2020
What’s a baby shower? How to organise it? Who should take care of it? How long does the party usually take and what happens at a baby shower? We’ll allay the doubts, give precise advice to the organisers, provide useful tips for decorating the place and offer some ideas for presents.





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Summer holiday DIY gift ideas

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