Another novelty by Colorland – a cone shaped Latte Mug. The latest must-have!

by Anna, 14 Dec 2018
Latte mug and Colored mug on a colorful striped tray, template: One in a Melon

As you probably know, Colorland is constantly developing trying to meet our customers’ expectations and surprise them with new products. This is why, we have recently introduced new products to our offer – coned shaped mugs or, so-called, latte mugs! Have you picked your favorite one yet? Be sure to learn more about this novelty!

Latte and Coloured Mug on a yellow tray, template: Live Laugh Love.

New designer shape

Latte and Coloured Mug on a white jewel casket, template: Dotted Love.

Latte mugs, compared to traditional colored mugs, are famous for their elongated and designer cone shape. These personalized mugs, which perfectly fit your hand, will make your morning coffee even more tasty.

Other differences? 

The latte mug was designed in a more minimal style than its older brother – the colored mug – and this is why, its interior and handle always remain white. However, if you want to get a little crazy with the color – well, you are more than welcome! Our editor gives you a lot of personalization options – you can freely add your favorite photos, texts and cliparts and print them on your mug.

Two mugs – Coloured and Latte Mug – with holiday photos on the yellow background

What is more, we didn’t change the size of our latte mugs – they are made of anti-scratch and crack resistant ceramics and each of them can hold up to 11 oz of your favorite beverage! Paradise on the Earth, right?

Three latte mugs – two mugs with a premade template, one mug with a photo

Three colourful latte mugs with photos

Do you need more inspiration? Here it is!

Two latte mugs with holiday photos on the orange background

Two latte mugs with summer cliparts on the pink background

Two photo mugs – one coloured mug, one latte mug with photos on the blue background

Two photo mugs – one coloured mug with a photo, one latte mug with a premade template on the yellow background

Two photo mugs – one coloured mug, one latte mug with a premade template on the green background

And by the way… once you have a look at the collection of the photos, roll with it and create your own latte mug or present your beloved ones with this remarkable gift! The best deals can be found ONLY here.