6 ideas for easy DIY Easter decorations

by Annalisa, 20 Mar 2021
Three girls and two women at a table full of eggs, sweets, paints and tulips.

Easter is almost here but who can swear that they are already prepared for it? Usually in the beginning we start thinking about the menu but decorations are... an equally important element of the holiday atmosphere. Today we'll present you with a couple of ideas for easy to make DIY decorations. You can't miss it!

Of course you can buy pre-made Easter decorations in a shop. But admit it – wouldn't it give you more satisfaction to do it yourself? Besides that it's a perfect opportunity to spend some time with your children or grandchildren and let the imagination go wild. Here you have a couple of Easter DIY inspirations.

1. Easter bunny cups full of sweets

You just need a white paper or plastic cup and a bit of creativity. Cut out ears from coloured paper and glue them to the inside of the cup. Then cut out eyes, nose and teeth and glue them onto the cup. Next, fill the cup with candy, chocolate eggs or other snacks and you're done!

DIY bunnies made from plastic cups full of sweets. Easter eggs all around.

2. Colourful paper bunnies garland

Prepare a couple of colourful cards and a bunny template which will make your work easier. You can also use a pre-made template which we've prepared especially for you. You can download the template here. Copy the bunny onto a piece of paper as many times as you want, glue them to a ribbon and you're done! It's a perfect decoration even for the youngest!

Colourful paper bunnies garland hanging on a wooden beam with Easter decorations on it.

You can hang colourful bunnies by wooden clothe-spins to a jute twine and glue white pom-poms which will imitate the tail.

Colourful paper bunnies attached by wooden clothespins to a jute twine hanging close to the wall.

3. Felt Easter eggs and other decorations

Another handmade idea are Easter felt decorations. You can buy colourful sheets of felt in haberdasheries. In order to make an egg out of felt just cut out two oval shaped eggs and gradually put cotton inside while stitching them. You can also decorate such egg with flowers, felt leaves or beads and decorative buttons.

Felt eggs, scissors, thread, thimble and cotton on a purple table.

Close-up on a child's hands holding a colourful felt Easter egg. Threads and other felt Easer decorations in the background.

In a similar and easy way you can make a felt decoration in the shape of a... chicken. Cut out two circles from yellow felt and 2 small hearts (which will be made into wings later on). Don't forget about the shell! You'll need to attach the eyes and nose made from beads before you stitch the whole thing together. And finally tie it with a colourful thread or a ribbon. Voila! Your original Easter decoration is ready!

Easter chicken made of felt. Near that threads, paper templates and colourful sheets of felt.

Other Easter gadgets can be made out of felt as well – what do you say about the Easter bunny? It's a little bit more demanding but still worth it. See for yourselves and share the effects of your work!

Easter bunny made of felt. Threads, scissors, wooden buttons and colourful sheets of felt laying around.

4. Colourful Easter eggs

Of course one of the Easter decorations which comes to mind first is Easter eggs! Easter eggs can be painted in various ways but before undertaking this extremely responsible task you should ask yourselves whether you want to eat the decorated eggs afterwards or not. If yes then it's important to use food colouring or natural dyes such as beetroot juice, etc. If you want the eggs to be strictly decorative then there's nothing stopping you!

You can use poster paints to paint the Easter eggs. This way you'll quickly and efficiently achieve the patterns you want.

Close-up on a woman’s hands painting an Easter egg. Eggs in a basket, colourful paints and brushes laying around.

After the paint dries you can leave them at that or add something more by hot gluing a small, decorative bow.

Close-up on hands of a person decorating Easter eggs. Colourful ribbons and paints around.

What would you say about decorating Easter eggs with lace? To do that you can use a lace tape from a DIY store or... an old curtain! Remember that the art of handmade is also about recycling, making something out of nothing and giving it a new life.

Easter eggs decorated with lace. Pink tulips in the background.

Or maybe instead of making the usual Easter eggs you should try making cute chickens and bunnies on sticks. You could use them to decorate your flower pots! Draw animal faces on hard boiled (important!) eggs and glue ears, legs and wings made out of felt to the eggs. Remember that you can paint such eggs with food colouring. Stick a barbecue skewer inside the eggs and you're done!

If you want such decoration to last longer then consider blowing the egg out of the shell and then hot glue the skewer to it.

Easter decorations on sticks. Green plant in the background.

5. Egg shells as "miniature flower pots"

It might sound ridiculous but look at the effect you can accomplish! Draw a funny face on the shell, put a piece of damp cotton inside and sow cress or other sprouts. Enjoy your new window sill decoration as well as fresh green delicacies.

Chive growing in blown eggs with funny faces on them.

You can also use the egg shells to make a green, spring table piece.  The same way as with the sprouts you can plant small flowers in the shells and incorporate the whole thing into a painted egg carton. Eggs can be painted beforehand as well.

Close-up on woman's hands holding an egg shell with flowers inside. In the background a bright table with scissors and Easter decoration on it.

A table piece made from an egg carton. Close-up on woman's hands putting a flower decorated egg into the egg carton.

You can create amazing decorations by using hot glue. Prepare a birch log, boxwood branches, moss, small flowers and egg shells. Glue the moss to the log and egg shells to the moss. Now "plant" the flowers in the egg shells. Such table piece is a perfect decoration for the Easter table.

Birch log, boxwood, moss, eggs and a hot glue gun on a bright table.

Easter table piece made from a birch log and blown eggs.

6. Easter candleholders

The first DIY idea we're going to present you with won't be too difficult to try with older children. Paint the egg cartons with any colours you like and prepare egg shells. You can also paint them beforehand. Melt the wax (colourful or regular) in a pot and have the wicks ready on the side. Pour the wax into the egg shells and put the wicks in as well. Wait until the wax cools down and voila! Have you ever thought you could make candles out of eggs?

Colourful candles made from blown eggs in a green egg carton.

The other idea is for people who like elegant decorations – paint the egg shells with a bright pastel colour and glue them together in a circle. Put moss, catkins and decorative eggs inside the egg shells. To top it off put a glass candleholder inside the piece and it's done!

Close-up on woman's hands making an Easter decoration out of egg shells, moss and catkins.

Easter candleholder made of egg shells, moss, catkins and small flowers.

Which inspiration for a DIY Easter decoration you like the most? Which one will you use this year? Make sure to share the photos of your DIY Easter decorations with us! We're extremely curious about the effects of your work!