Plenty of ideas for your holiday photo book - TOP 15 summer templates by Colorland

by Anna, 14 Dec 2018
Holiday photo book – photos on the white and navy blue striped background next to a notebook and shells

How’s your holiday going? Some of you have already come back from your summer trips and others are just getting ready for their adventures! However, we're pretty sure that each of you has plenty of holiday photographs that are only waiting to be immortalized! No idea of how to do it? Colorland offers you some tips – TOP15 templates for a holiday photo book by Colorland! Be inspired!

Family holiday photobook landscape placed diagonally with wooden letters creating the word BEACH below it.

Where to begin?

Start with choosing photos you'd like to print out. Take your time, because contrary to popular belief, it can be a really difficult task, especially nowadays – in the smartphone era – when we take hundreds or thousands of photos.

Next, think about the style in which you'd like to design your book.

Remember that our editor allows you to freely change the background or the layout of your book according to your needs. It’s enough to double click on the background you want to use or drag & drop it onto your project.

How to change the background in Colorland’s editor? - screenshot 1.

How to change the background in Colorland’s editor? - screenshot 2.

How to change the background in Colorland’s editor? - screenshot 3.

Here are a few inspiring spreads:

Holiday photobook with a picture of a rocky seashore, a blue and green striped towel in the background, next to a camera and a shell

Two holiday photobooks – open and closed ones. Spreads imitating a world map lying next to shells

Holiday photobooks, an open one with a clipart showing a huge flower and leaves on the left side of the page, a closed one with a collage of photos on the cover with a text “Never stop dreaming”

Nevertheless, we would like to bring your attention to CLIPARTS today – available in a separate tab in the editor and divided into categories:

How to add cliparts in Colorland’s editor? – screenshot 1.

 How to add cliparts in Colorland’s editor? – screenshot 2.

A now some inspirations:

Family holiday photobook with a clipart, a straw hat, sunglasses and a pink flamingo above.

Holiday photobook with photos of two friends, a template with monstera leaves and a flamingo

You can also take advantage of the many masks and frames that can be easily found in the lateral menu on the left side of our editor. Your imagination has no limits and the final touch depends only on you!

How to add a frame in Colorland’s editor? - screenshot 1.

And this is how it might look like when printed:

Focus on a page of a holiday photobook with pictures of friends lying next to a ceramic figurine presenting a lighthouse

Holiday photobooks – one of them with a photo collage is open, the closed one’s cover presents a photo of a couple, two wooden fish above them.

Focus on a framed photo of a family in a tent printed in a photobook, delicate cliparts on its pages

And now the part you all have been waiting for! Our Top 15 photo book templates which were designed especially for your holiday pictures!

1. Exotic Holidays – a blue and yellow template with adorable parrots and pineapples.

Exotic Holidays

2. Holiday Memories – a template with oranges in juicy yellow and blue colors.

Holiday Memories

3. Memorable Quotes – a minimalist template with a lot of space for your comments in the form of quotes and many more.

Memorable Quotes

4. Photo Story – a template that allows you to tell your holiday story through pictures and short notes.

Photo Story

5. Summer Trip – an exotic template in pastel colors for everyone who loves flamingos, monstera, and pineapples.

Summer Trip

6. Booklet – a designer template that allows you to display your holiday photos in a modern way.


7. Instagram – a template for everyone who loves squares, Instagram, and hashtags.


8. Travel – a template for dreamers in pastel colors with summer marker-style slogans.


9. For every occasion – a universal template with interesting frames and places for your text.

 For every occasion

10. Mountain Trip – a template in subtle colors for everyone who loves spending time in the mountains and in the fresh air.

Mountain Trip

11. Our Journey – a universal, classical template for minimalists with one dominant color that can be easily changed in the editor.

Our Journey

12. Adventure – a photo book in bright colors with the map motif on each page.


13. Around the World – a photo book for travelers with the map motif in vivid yellow and green colors that make the template pop.

Around the World

14. Insta Color – a pastel template full of colors with frames imitating Instagram or Polaroid-style pictures.

Insta Colour

15. Holiday Postcard – a photo book with a tonal gradation of colors (mostly blue and sandy ones) and delicate summer cliparts.

Holiday Postcard

Which summer template do you like the most? Remember that you can choose among different formats of a photo book – 8x6, 8x8, 9.5x9.5, 8x11.5, 11.5x8, 16x12 and 12x12 inches! And if you want an eco-leather or textile fabric hardcover – go for an deluxe photo book which can be designed in all above-mentioned templates.

Square Photobook exclusive with photos of an off-road trip, a closed photobook in a yellow textile cover in the background

We hope your heads are full of photo inspirations! Enjoy your holidays and in the meanwhile don’t forget to follow us on FB – the Colorland’s summer game full of photo surprises is on! :)