Personalized photo canvases

You can design the photo canvas from the scratch or personalize templates prepared by us. You can put a single photo on the canvas or several dozen of them if you wish.


A canvas containing no space for a photo but with interesting graphics and captions. You choose from a wide variety of premade templates for every occasion.

Photo canvases - personalize with your own photo

+ Gives interiors a personal touch. A photo canvas with your photos will make the room look less impersonal. After years of renting you’ll see how much it means to be able to add personal touches while decorating.
+ Is a way to decorate your flat without spending a great deal of money. Designing photo canvases in our editor is heaven for all the artistic souls out there who don’t get satisfied with ready products and always find a way to alter them. A different colour here, a different pattern there… We’ve prepared seven inspirations to present how a photo canvas can look. You’ll see them here. If you’ve already decided what you want to design then check out our special offer which often contains photo canvases in special prices.
+ Is a memory to which we often come back. While preparing a holiday photo book we start reminiscing on all those funny (looking back to the time when you got lost in a city you didn’t know doesn’t seem stressful anymore, does it?) and touching situations (do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?). A personalized photo canvas is a place to put all your most beautiful memories.
- Requires high resolution images, especially when preparing a big photo canvas which will attract attention. It doesn’t mean that your photos need to be taken with a professional camera or by a professional photographer. You’ll find out how to take good photos with a smartphone here. A photo canvas might not meet your needs If you don’t feel artistic and your photos are usually mediocre.

Canvases - choose a pre-made template

+ Looks like a trendy poster (which, without a doubt you’ve seen in various places), but is much more durable. It’s all thanks to the fact that the image is printed on a canvas and not on paper. Later on the canvas is framed in a 2 cm wooden frame.
+ Is a way out for people who don’t like decorating and are looking for quick solutions. Photo canvases are available in various templates which can be ordered in under five minutes. Just pick a theme you like and add it to cart. You won’t have to go through the editing process.
+ Is an idea for a house-warming gift. You might not be close enough to hang a photo you took together on a wall and look at it every single day. It’s important to gift something universal on such occasion. A pre-made photo canvas will be a perfect fit for any home décor. We leave you with 100 templates to choose from and which will fit different styles and spaces.
- It won’t be a fully personal home decor. Pre-made photo canvases will be a good choice if you’re looking to create a stylish flat straight from Instagram, Pinterest or a furniture catalogue. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create a warm, homey effect it’d be better if you take more time to search for photos and design a personalized photo canvas.