Photo Book

Photo Book
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Photo Book

Photo Book Classic cover

Cover Photo Book CLassic

Hard cover (available with matte or glossy laminate) fully personalizable with your photos and text.

Photo Book Deluxe cover

Cover Photo Book Deluxe

Elegant leatherette or textile hardcover in different coloring and structure. Cut-window on the front.

Cover Starbook

A matte-laminated sponge-padded cover, fully personalized with your photos, text and graphics.

Photo Book Classic paper

Paper Photo Book Classic

From 28 to 160 pages, printed digitally on elegant Silk paper of 200g/m2 weight. Fully personalizable with your photos, texts and graphics.

Photo Book Deluxe paper

Paper Photo Book Deluxe

Digital print on elegant, tough Silk paper of 200g/m2 weight is the warranty of your book's durability, no matter if it has 28 or 160 pages.

Paper Starbook

The only product in our offer printed on an inkjet printer on dedicated snow-white 205 g/m2 paper with palpable structure.

Photo Book Classic formats

Format Photo Book Classic

Available in 7 formats: 8x6, 8x11.5, 11.5x8, 16x12, 8x8, 12x12 and 9.5x9.5 inches.

Photo Book Deluxe formats

Format Photo Book Deluxe

Available in 4 formats: 8x11.5, 11.5x8, 8x8 and 12x12 inches.

Format Starbook

Available in 4 formats: 8x8, 8x11.5, 11.5x8 and 12x12 inches.