2 original DIY ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know!

by Annalisa, 15 Dec 2020
2 wrapped books, a reindeer gift box and a gift wrapped in the Kimono style lying on the desk. A brick wall, hanging letters “Merry Christmas” and a Christmas tree in the background.

Only a few days left until Christmas! Stressed by the holiday rush? Have you already packed your gifts? No worries! If you haven’t got a chance to buy our ready Christmas boxes with photo products, we encourage you to watch other three vlogs in which we’re presenting 2 original ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know! Let yourselves be inspired!

1. Elegant fan-style gift wrapping for a photo book

- wrapping paper (one in a solid colour & one with pattern)
- transparent glue tape
- a pair of scissors
- decorative ribbon
- optional: a white marker

How to make an elegant fan-style gift wrapping for a photo book?
1. Spread wrapping paper in a solid colour.
2. Fold it along the longer edge to receive a bend 4-5cm wide.
3. Repeat it 5 times. 
4. Reverse the paper and spread the fan. Next, fold each strip in half. 
5. Glue the fan together in three places on the left side. 
6. Wrap your photo book so that the fan is located in the middle of the cover. 
7. Then, wrap the book with decorative paper. Remember not to cover the fan. 
8. Cut the outstanding parts, fold them and stick with transparent glue tape. 
9. Bow a tie on the book's corners. 
10. Your elegant fan-style gift wrapping is ready! 

Remember that if you want, you can wrap your book in solid paper and then draw, for example, tiny stars with a white marker on it! The way you decorate it depends only on your imagination!

2 photobooks wrapped in a fan-style gift box, a photobook with a navy blue cover and a photo of a smiling family wearing Santa Claus hats in the middle. Silver stars all around them.

2. Kimono style Christmas gift wrapping

- pieces of paper from a drawing block (in black and red colours)
- silver buttons (you can cut them out of paper)
- strong paper glue
- transparent tape
- adhesive tape
- a white marker
- wrapping paper in solid colour
- jute string
- some jute at least 10cm wide

How to make a Kimono style Christmas gift wrapping?
1. Cut a red circle out of red paper. 
2. Then, cut a 1cm black stripe and glue it to the circle. 
3. Glue two decorative buttons above, cut a clasp out of decorative paper and glue it to the circle. 
4. Next, cut a smaller circle out of black paper and a narrow strip. 
5. Make a loop out of the strip and then stick the black circle on it on the back of the red circle. 
6. Write the name of a person who will receive the gift with a white marker. 
7. Wrap the calendar box with wrapping paper along its longer side. 
8. The Kimono style gift box is all about folding the paper so that it resembles a kimono. It's easier to show than to explain so... be sure to watch this video tutorial carefully! 
9. In the end, stick some yute string or a thick decorative ribbon at the paper connections. 
10. Tie your gift with a yute string but before you do it, stick your Santa Claus label to the box. 
11. Your Kimono style Christmas gift wrapping is ready! 

A gift wrapped in green paper in the Kimono style, tied with some jute and a label in the form of Santa Claus. A Christmas Tree and “Merry Christmas” letters in the background.

We hope we managed to inspire you! Remember that instead of ready gift boxes from a supermarket, it’s worth opting for a handmade gift wrapping made from the heart. Of course, it requires some extra work but the final effect is worth the trouble! The smile on the gifted person’s face will compensate the effort ;)

We wish you pleeenty of inspiration – come on, let’s get to work!