3 christmas decorations to hang, 3 difficulty levels – DIY Christmas decoration, part 2

by Julia, 15 Dec 2017
A hanging decoration made from cones.

Two weeks ago we’ve presented a few inspirations for Christmas decoration, alternative Christmas trees, wreaths and pendants. Today we’ll show you 3 ideas of Christmas decoration ready to hang, in 3 different difficulty levels. Check it out – we’ve included video tutorials!


The first decoration that we present is a piece of cake! This decoration is perfect for people who are are not 100% sure about their skills. Moreover, this decoration can be made even by a child – it’s all about tieing some strings. :) 

You need: balls, colourful ribbons.

Materials needed to create decoraion no. 1

Choose some balls, that you want to use to decorate a wall or a window using ribbons in colours that suit your interior. The size or ribbons doesn’t matter at all. It all depends on your creativity :)

Decoration no.1 – step 1

Cut a piece of a ribbon that interests you.

Decoration no.1 – step 2

Put ribbon through the end of the ball.

Decoration no.1 – step 3

Tie a beautiful ribbon to make it the culmination of the ball.

Decoration no.1 – step 4

Cut the end of the ribbon straight or create your own style.

Decoration no.1 – final effect.

Decoration no.1 – final effect 2

It's easy and original, isn't it?

Decoration no.1 – final effect 3


The second decoration that we want to share with you is a glittered snowflake. This pendant is also very easy to prepare, however to create it, you need some hot glue, so a little child should not try to do this decoration. Remember that you still can create this decoration together! That’s great fun!

Decoration no. 2 – step 1

You need: a few rolls of toilet paper or paper towel. You also need hot glue, glitter (choose your favourite colour), beads and ribbon.

Decoration no. 2 – step 2

Flex the roll and cut 5 stripes.

Decoration no. 2 – step 3

Arrange the stripes to give them the final effect of a snowflake.

Decoration no. 2 – step 4

Decoration no. 2 – step 5

Glue the stripes one after another to create a star.

Decoration no. 2 – step 6

Decoration no. 2 – step 7

Glue the external part of the start and sprinkle it with glitter.

Decoration no. 2 – step 8

Decoration no. 2 – step 9

Decorate the interior of the star with beans. They can be separated beans or made as presented in the photo. Then, glue all beans to the star, using the hot glue.

Decoration no. 2 – step 10

Decoration no. 2 – step 11

After this, bind the ribbon through one arm of the star and tie it at the top of the star.

Decoration no. 2 – final effect

This decoration is quite simple and looks amazing. Don’t you think? ;)


The third decoration, that we wanted to share with you is a sphere made of cones and decorated with flowers. To prepare this decoration, you need some more free time and patience, than in the case of previous decorations. However, the final effect will be stunning!

Decoration no.3 – step 1

You need: styrofoam sphere with the size of your choice. You also need some coned, artificial flowers or other decoration, hot glue, thick ribbon and some pins.

Decoration no.3 – step 2

Cut some ribbon to hand the ball.

Decoration no.3 – step 3

Attach the ribbon to the ball using pins.

Decoration no.3 – step 4

Decoration no.3 – step 5

Decoration no.3 – step 6

Decoration no.3 – step 7

Start adding cones to the ball. Attach the cones using hot glue. Don’t care about the white space between cones (you’ll fill this space with flowers: if you don’t want this white space, paint the ball before starting decorating it).

Decoration no.3 – step 8

Decoration no.3 – step 9

Decoration no.3 – step 10

Decoration no.3 – final effect

When the ball is ready, proceed to adding flowers or other decorations between cones, to fill the free space. It’s worth using glue to attach the decorations.

Decoration no.3 – step 11

Decoration no.3 – final effect 2

Decoration no.3 – final effect 3

You can also add some decorative ribbons, to make the final effect even more interesting. It’s up to you!

Which inspiration will be your favourite? We hope, that before this Christmas you’ll decide to create one of there decorations for yourself and share the final effect with us! This decoration will undoubtedly add more character to every interior and will bring more Christmas climate. Let’s get to work! :)