Spring Cleaning part 2 – how to organize your BEDROOM and LIVING ROOM for spring?

by Annalisa, 29 Apr 2021
Photo of a coffee table on a black&white rug with a vase full of pink tulips. Amaranthine armchair and yellow couch in the background.

The spring is blooming. After spring cleaning the kitchen it's time to freshen up the bedroom and the living room. How to easily organize these rooms for spring? Maybe change the colour of the walls? Buy new sofa cushions? Check out our ideas!

All whites, natural browns, greys and cold pastels become passé in a spring bedroom and living room. Energetic and happy colours fit the spring vibe much better as they're associated with the blooming nature. Lush green, intense red, turquoise, yellow and pink are the thing. Of course it's difficult to buy new furniture every year but instead of that you can buy new accessories! If you appreciate interiors full of energy and emotions take into consideration incorporating some bold sets of colours into the living room. You can do that by incorporating small but noticeable elements which will give you the real spring vibe.

1. Choose cut flowers, pot flowers and floral themes

Photo of a bright living room with a vase of pink and white flowers on the coffee table.

You don't have to buy the whole bouquet. Sometimes it's enough to buy a single daffodil or a tulip and put it in a glamorous vase or bottle. ;) Remember that all plants give the spring vibe no matter if they're cut or in pots. If you don't have a hand for flowers then choose a floral themed canvas, photo prints or flowers printed on a fabric like cushion pillowcases.

Close-up on a wooden shelf with plants in decorative flowerpots on it. A picture of a fern leaf in a black frame next to the shelf.

2. What about a quick painting?

It takes a considerable amount of time but is well worth it. Remember that colours of a room have a big influence on your well-being. Besides that bright and natural colours and themes mixed with the sunlight will surely bring new energy and a spring vibe to the room. What about a wallpaper in a luscious green, bright turquoise or energetic amaranthine? The choice is huge so make sure not to forget that it all comes down to details which in this case are accessories.

Picture of a living room with a close-up on a bright couch and an end table. Cactuses on both sides of the couch. Orange wall in the back with two spring pictures in black frames.

3. Delicate curtains

Delicate decorations are the way to go for spring and summer. Remember that curtains are a crucial element in every bedroom and living room. Besides that only one rule is important – the darker the room the lighter and brighter the curtains should be. You can choose to pin the curtain up or let it hang. It's all up to you to make the rooms fresh and ready for spring!

Picture of a window with white curtains on the sides. Trees out the window and a pink flower in a vase on the windowsill.

4. Play with fabrics!

Yellow-grey cushions in colourful patterns on a grey couch. Nearby a vase full of daisies and yellow-grey candles on a coffee table.

We've already mentioned new curtains and cushions. For spring let's remember that pieces of colourful cloths have an extraordinary potential! Throw them on couches, armchairs, tables and make pillowcases and doilies out of them. Change in details (colours, textures, patterns) will help change your interior.

Picture of a grey couch with green and yellow cushions in various patterns. A yellow armchair next to the couch. A coffee table with fruits on it in front of the couch. 3 spring pictures and various decorations behind the couch.

Picture of a bright living room with colourful decorations (cushions, a pouf, curtains and a rug) in various patterns.

5. Maybe a furniture makeover?

Are you bored with your old furniture but you don't want to throw them out? How about a makeover?! Transform your furniture and give them a spring vibe. Front surfaces of doors and drawers can be veneered with a texture veneer or a wallpaper. What's interesting is that you can try using both plain and patterned materials interchangeably on one furniture. Another interesting technique is decoupage.

Woman putting a dresser together in a bright room.

A vintage dresser with the front surface covered in pink flowers. Nearby a dresser drawer and chaplets hanging out of it. In the background on the left side white flowers in a vase.

6. Success lies in details

It's good to give your rooms a little spring makeover and change some accessories such as paintings and framed photographs. Incorporate other decorative accessories connected with the most beautiful season of the year.

You can put photos from long walks or spring picnics on Photo Prints. Remember that especially after winter we’re starving for vivid colours so use a little of greens and yellow and our rooms will become totally different places.

Picture of a white dresser with a brick wall in the background. Spring photos in colourful frames on the dresser. A vase with orange and yellow flowers next to the frames. Insta photos in frames hanging on the wall.

Spring photo prints in colourful frames on a white dresser. Red gerberas in a vase on the left side and a yellow gerbera laying in between the frames.

Of course traditional 4x6 Photo Prints can be put into the colourful photo frames but don’t be afraid to experiment with the formats. Print a photo in 6x8, Insta or Retro style. Remember that if you choose the classic, square photos you’ll be able to choose from 4 types of print papers.

Or maybe you’ll choose a spring Sharebook? Choose a floral themed cover and print your 50 favourite photos. That will allow you to decorate your bedroom or living room and the rest will be safely stored as a miniature Photo Book.

Close-up on woman's hands going through a sharebook with spring photos of a child. Next to that are sharebooks with different covers. Tulips, gerberas and catkins laying around.

What about other ideas to freshen up the interiors for spring? Choose Photo Canvases! Remember that you can choose from different formats and templates divided into categories (make sure to check out our Living room/Bedroom category). Besides that you can not only fully personalize your canvas but also choose one of our pre-made templates.

Two photo canvases (one of which is square with a single photo and the other one is vertical with a collage) on a white shelf. Next to that a bouquet of pink tulips in a vase shaped like a star.

Photo canvas with a collage of spring photos of the whole family standing on a dresser and laying against the wall. Next to that a decoration in a form of a white paper clip.

As you can see a Photo Canvas doesn’t have to be put on a wall. You can put it against the wall as well. ;) However, if you do have free space then see how to make a decoration for bedroom or living room out of it. Look at the picture above. You can see that a little bit of green will make the room brighter. Add a Photo Canvas in vivid colours and you’re done!

Picture of a bright living room with green cushions on a white couch. A big plant in a flowerpot nearby and a huge photo canvas with a photo of a couple, laying on the grass, hanging over the couch.

Picture of a bedroom with pink-grey decorations and a huge bright window. Next to the bed a big photo canvas with a floral theme and a photo of a couple in love.

Picture of a grey couch with a yellow wall in the back. A big photo canvas, with a smiling woman in a hat and bouquet of pink-yellow flowers, on the wall.

Feeling inspired? We hope that you’ve got a head full of ideas! Now think in what way you’re going to freshen up your bedroom and/or living room for spring? Remember that Colorland offers the best prices and quality of photo products out there. Be sure to check out our special offers!