10 fun facts about Mother's Day you probably didn't know

by Julia, 23 Apr 2020
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In a few days we'll be celebrating Mother's Day – the day of heroines of everyday life. We hope that your outstanding gifts are ready! :) However, have you ever wondered, for instance, who tends to spend more on presents for their moms – women or men? Or, how many postcards are being sent on this special occasion?
You’ll find all these questions, answers and many more in our brand-new article!

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The history of Mother's Day goes back to ancient times when Greeks and Romans worshipped goddesses Rheia and Kybele. Over the time the feast began to change and today we celebrate it in different ways all around the world. This day is often accompanied by family gatherings and visits in family houses to give small gifts and/or flowers to our moms. However, for example, in Korea Mother’s Day is celebrated with military marches. It is quite an unusual way to commemorate it, isn’t it?

And now a few fun facts:

1. There are 2,2 thousands billion moms all around the world!

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2. In the UK the largest annual number of telephone calls take place on Mother’s Day. Chats with moms tend to jam telephone lines, even 37% bigger than in any other day!

3. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days depending on the country - in the UK in March whereas in Spain, France and Germany in May. In Thailand Mother’s Day is always celebrated in August, on the current queen’s birthday :)

4. In 2007, only in US people have spent 23 billion dollars on gifts for moms!

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5. Only in the UK every year people send around 30 million postcard on Mother’s Day – just think how great must be this number in the scale of the entire world! It is worth noting that up to 65% of all cards are purchased exactly 5 days before Mother’s Day. And you, do you buy your postcards or make them on your own?

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6. The average expense on the gift for Mom is different depending on the country and sources.  It is estimated that, for example, a year ago people spent approximately $186 in the US, 84 CAD in Canada, 53 EUR in France and 30 GBP in the UK. Do you think that’s a lot of money?

7. Among gifts that the majority of moms like to receive on their holiday are: 1. flowers, 2. jewellery and 3. candies.
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8. It is estimated that men spend around 35% more on gifts for their moms than women. After all, it must be a reason why men are called “mama’s boys” ;)

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9. In the vast majority of languages all over the world the word “mother” starts with the letter “m”.

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10. Mother’s Day is the third (after Christmas and Easter) most celebrated day in the world.

We hope you have liked this article! And you, how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What kind of gifts do you like to give your moms? Do you typically look for presents at the last minute, or do you prefer to buy it in advance, try harder and add something extra? We are looking forward to your answers!

And taking advantage of the occasion, we wish all Moms many smiles, joy with their little ones and a lot of wonderful moments spent together that can be captured in pictures! ;)

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