Father’s Day messages from daughter and son

by Anna, 18 Jun 2021
Scrabble tiles arranged in a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message

There are many holidays in our calendar. Virtually every day brings us various pretexts for celebration. From the craziest ones such as: Pizza Day or the International Day of Manned Space Flights to the well-known Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Sometimes, however, we forget about people close to our heart…

Remember who read you bedtime stories, taught you how to catch a really big fish and how to ride a bike. Soon comes the Father's Day, so to reward him for all the good times, it is worth getting him a memorable gift. Specially for this occasion, we have prepared several photo-gift ideas with special wishes for Father's Day.

Father’s Day messages from son – thanking for teaching him how to ride a bike

Photo Books with Happy Father’s Day Message

Since we live in a digital world, we tend to develop photos less and less often. We view the photos  on our smartphones and computer screens. We quickly scroll through the news feed in social media and even forget about the best shots. A photo book is an excellent proposition to keep what is valuable and worth remembering. See how many cool photos you have accumulated on your disks and turn them into an amazing story. We are convinced that, contrary to popular belief that "men don't cry," your father will be moved and he’ll perhaps shed a tear or two.

You can choose from six formats: 9.5x9.5, 8x11.5, 11.5x8, 8x8, 12x12 and 16x12. The whole is printed on elegant chalk paper (200 g / m2). The hard cover can be glossy or matte. Depending on your preferences, a photo book can have from 28 to even 160 pages, the number of photos per page is unlimited – add as many as you need. You can design it in an intuitive online editor, where you can also put nice messages for Father's Day, e.g. "Dad, you are my hero and my role model" or "You're my one and only dad, and I'll always have a special place in my heart for you".

Nice Father’s Day messages placed in a Photo Book

Photo Prints with a few words for Father’s Day on the back

It can be said that Photo Prints are classics that we often forget about. Print photos for your dad where you are alone or with your family members. On the other side of the photo you will be able to add some warm words for Father's Day, for example: "The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!" or "A message for Father's Day from his son – Dad, you have given me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love. I am truly grateful to have you in my life. Happy Father's Day!”. The photos can be put in a family album, framed and hung on the wall and used in any way (a truck driver will place them in his cabin, an office worker will put them on the desk, a bookworm will make a bookmark of them and a car mechanic will attach them to the wall in the workshop). You can choose the standard format or larger prints. They are printed on high-quality paper (glossy or matte). In addition, in a convenient on-line editor, you have the option of making simple adjustments, e.g. increase the contrast or correct framing.

A present from daughter with Happy Father’s Day wishes

Funny Father’s Day Messages

‘Daddy I want to let you know,
How lucky Mommy and I are,
Because when it comes to daddies,
You really are a star!’

Dad you know that I like Batman,
And Superman’s cool too,
But I don’t really need them,
As long as I have you!

Daddy I know your secret,
That you’ve tried to keep suppressed,
I promise I won’t tell anyone,
But I know you like me best!

Dad; pronunciation ‘daaaaaaad!’ (noun)
1. Mr Fix-it
2. Free taxi service
3. Creator of silly songs and voices
4. Best chilli chef ever
5. Master of the TV remote
6. Head of vehicle maintenance
7. King of corny jokes and forwarded emails
8. Resident Math tutor
9. Endless source of guidance and encouragement

Photo Magnets – a unique idea for a nice Father’s Day message

Imagine that every time your father looks at the fridge he’ll see the faces of his loved ones and smile. It doesn’t have to be a photo only, it can also convey a message for Father’s Day, e.g. ‘You’re an amazing father, you’ve got wonderful kids and a fantastic wife – should you really eat all the fatty stuff in the evening? Take care of your health, dad!’ Photo Magnets are available in different sizes, the photos you add will have wonderful colours and the materials used are resistant to scratches and contact with water.

A Photo Canvas with Father’s Day wishes

Create a unique Photo Canvas for your father. Your family photos printed on Canvas will definitely look great on your wall. Use a simple online wizard. First, choose the template you like, add your photos and become an author of a real masterpiece. Photo Canvases are sold with or without decorative frames and a practical hanger.

A cool present from son with Happy Father’s Day wishes

Father’s Day wishes – summary

Whatever you choose to give your dad for Father’s Day you need to know that the most important thing is that you remember about him. The sheer fact that we remember to call or visit him makes him happy. It’s always worth to show your feelings. Life’s just too short so don’t put it off. On this special holiday, give the best withes to your father. We’ve got some advice, too. Set an alarm in your phone in order not to forget about it or write a sticker note and put it on the fridge. Better safe than sorry!