Happy Mother's Day for all the moms!

by Anna, 29 Mar 2019
Mom and daughter are sitting on a grey couch. Mom is holding a bouquet of flowers and the girl a Mother’s Day card with the “I <3 MOM” caption.

One of the most important days of the year is almost here. The Mother’s Day is an exceptional day to celebrate and a time when all of us want to say thank you and wish all the best to our moms! Colorland would like to do that alongside you!

On Sunday all moms from Great Britain and Ireland are having their holiday! It’s difficult to find a better occasion to thank them for all the hard work they put into raising their children. Because of that special Holiday the Colorland team would like to wish them:

A mom sitting on a couch. Daughter leaning over the back of the couch with a card with the “I 3 MOM” caption. A bunch of pink balloons on the left.

- for their dreams to come true,
- lots of love from their children,
- unexhausted patience,
- imagination with no borders and luck in every challenge!

Let all your wishes come true. Starting with the very mundane and finishing with the extra sophisticated ones. Believe that everything is possible and every day take a good care of yourselves!

Happy Mother’s Day our lovely moms! It’s your holiday today!

Aerial view – a close up on a card with the “WE LOVE YOU MOM” caption. Nearby a bouquet of light flowers, two glasses of orange juice and two croissants.

Aha! We recommend that all children check out our new Mother’s Day mug templates which can be found here and here!

Latte Mug with a photo of a mom and daughter and a “for mom” caption. The mug is on a white tray near a vase with flowers, a gift with a ribbon and cookies.

Latte Mug with a pink polka dot dress theme. Next to that spring flowers and chocolates on a plate.

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