In lack of Wall Decor ideas? Try these 7 ideas for a unique, full of emotions and personalized... photo canvas!

by Anna, 28 Feb 2022

Would you like to change something in your flat but you are lacking inspiration? Are you looking for a unique wall decor idea which makes your guests jealous? Colorland offers you the right solution – PHOTO CANVASES and a whole bunch of templates to choose from. Check right now what we have prepared just for you!

Photo canvases in various sizes

You might think that there is not much to do in the area of wall decor – well, we can go shopping and buy a pre-made image of any topic. Of course, you can still choose an art gallery instead and purchase a hand-painted painting, however, at a much higher price. This is why Colorland would like to offer you a completely different solution which is... our photo canvases – wrapped on a wooden frame, fully personalized and affordable for everyone. Some of you might think "well, what's so special about that? I add a photo and that's all, what is there to talk about"? And yet there is much to write about! Check out how many inspiration we’d prepared today for you! 

1. The most important life moments to keep every day with you

Wedding photo canvases

Photographs let us keep all those most beautiful memories for a long time to come. What about printing them in the form of a photo canvas so that you can look at them at any time and revive all these amazing moments again? :)

2 travel photo canvases on a shelf

2. One picture isn't enough? Create a collage!

Woman hanging a square photo canvas in the form of collage

Our editor let you create a photo canvas with 1 picture minimum but the final number of photos you would like to print depends only on your imagination! So, do you have a lot of pictures that you want to print and at the same time, you don't want to separate them into single canvases? The collage is just for you! Remember only to choose one of the biggest formats :)

Collecction of family photo canvases on a wall

Photo canvas – collage on an easel in the bedroom

And now, check out how to create such a canvas!

3. Photo canvases which portray various stages of life...

2 spring photo canvases of a small girl next to a flower bucket

Ideal option for all parents. We should remember that small children grow up very fast, therefore it is worth immortalizing these changes over time in pictures, then printing them on photo canvases and creating a unique collection! Remember to devote a lot of space to your collection so that you can successfully add to it new images of different formats and shapes. ;)

Collection of canvases of mother and daughter

Collection of canvases on a shelf of a girl in various stages of life

Collection of children canvases on a masonry wall

4. Motivation – the basis of your successful morning :)

Two canvases – one with a motivational quote

What is more? Our photo canvases can be used as motivational canvases – whether with picture or without. Our Colorland's editor gives you many options to edit your pictures and let you create your canvas completely from scratch. Add a motivational saying / quote and create a unique and at the same time practical (because it motivates! :)) wall decoration. Remember that you can freely interconnect your canvases.

Canvas with a motivational quote on a countertop

Collection of canvases on a wall – 2 canvases with pictures and 2 with sayings

And now, check out how to create such a canvas with a saying!

5. Triptych – wait, what?

Triptych photo canvas on a desk

And what about creating 3-in-1 canvas? We are convinced that some of you have beautiful panoramas taken by yourself during holidays. Would you like to immortalize them but you don't know how? This is why Colorland propose you to create a triptych which constitutes 1 horizontal picture portrayed on 3 canvases. Watch the video and check how gorgeous it is!

Triptych photo canvas on a wall

6. Photo canvas not necessarily on a wall

Photo canvas of a couple in the amusement park on a shelf

Collection of photo canvases on a countertop

When we talk about photo canvases, we usually picture them hanging on a wall. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a rule. Colorland’s photo canvases, easily installed with a canvas hook, will look perfect standing on a shelf or a window sill. Check it on your own! :)

Photo canvases on a window sill

7. Map of holiday memories

Collection of travel photo canvases next to a map in the frame

Our next suggestion would be photo canvases of travel memories. Hang a map on a wall - or print it in the form of a photo canvas – and select places you have visited. You can also hang more travel pictures around your map :) This way you will create an amazing collection of photos which will remind you of your holiday adventures :) 

Collection of travel photo canvases with a picture which portrays a map

Do you feel inspired? Now, let’s do this! Select a plain wall in your flat, your favourite pictures and take advantage of one of our suggestions! You don’t need much time to create an ideal wall decoration which will give you a lot of joy for many years to come.