Best wishes for a wonderful Grandparent's Day!

by Anna, 14 Dec 2018
Woman in a pink dress sitting in a grey armchair and looking at a family photobook. There is also a closed photobook on her knees – a photo taken from above.

For love, warmth, good advice and support – there’s just too many things we should thank our Grandparents for! This Sunday we celebrate National Grandparent’s Day; would it be better time to say “thank you” to them? So… don’t forget to wish your grandparents all the best!

Colorland cannot be left behind. Best wishes for a wonderful Grandparent’s Day! We send you lots of love, warmth, happiness and wish you celebrate a Grandparent’s Day as grand and special as you are!

Due fototazze personalizzate su un vassoio di legno, accanto un biscotto su un piatto

We encourage all of you to appreciate your grandparents’ effort and show them that you care by small gestures or… personalized gifts in the form of, e.g., photo books, photo canvases or photo mugs which will surely make them happy! ;)

Tre foto su tela di famiglia, appese ad una parete di color crema sopra un comò grigio, sul quale sono presenti due vasi con dei fiori e una macchina fotografica

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