10 fun facts about Mother's Day you probably didn't know

Authored by Julia, 23 Apr 2020
In a few days we'll be celebrating Mother's Day – the day of heroines of everyday life. On this occasion, Colorland wishes all Moms many beautiful moments and satisfaction of their children. We invite you to read interesting facts about this holiday!

Which country would you like to spend Easter in?

Authored by Anna, 06 Apr 2020
This time next week Easter will only be a memory. Every country that we send our products to (and there are 12 such countries), celebrates Easter in a different way. We have checked their customs and we already know which countries would be able to spend Easter together, and which would be too shocked to celebrate this happy…

Wedding hall photo decorations that you haven’t seen before! 7 inspirations form Colorland

Authored by Anna, 02 Mar 2020
Every Happy Couple wishes to reflect their characters and taste in the wedding hall decorations. Therefore, while preparing (photo) decorations it is worth personalising them a bit, so they not only please the eye of your guests but also provide them with some entertainment. How to do it? Check our inspirations and find out!
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5 steps in designing a Photo Book – Yearbook

Authored by Anna, 12 Feb 2020
How not to start designing a Photo Book? How do the templates dedicated to designing a Yearbook differ from regular templates? How many pictures to add to a project? How to add a decorative title on the cover? Learn 5 steps that will make it easier and faster for you to create a Yearbook Photo Book.
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Yearbook - your year in photos

Authored by Anna, 08 Jan 2020
2020 was exactly 365 days, 5 hours and 48 minutes long. Probably some days were not even worth mentioning again but, for sure, there were a few impossible to describe with just one picture. Now’s the best time to tell your last year’s photo story.
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5 thingsow about Colorland calendars + news – Calendar A4 horizontal

Authored by Anna, 20 Dec 2019
The year is coming to an end – so it’s the right time for a new calendar! Most of us will agree with this. Remember, that in case of our calendars, this is not a rule. Find out more and get familiar with our news – Photo calendar A4 horizontal



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