10 DIY photo display ideas

Authored by Anna, 08 Jul 2021
In this article we will describe some DIY ideas for the best photo frames you can do to decorate your interior with your favorite pictures.
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Tips for taking summer photos with your smartphone

Authored by Anna, 22 Jun 2021
Get creative and try shooting the same thing from several different angles for entirely new looks of the same subject.
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5 ideas for personalized holiday photo keepsakes by Colorland

Authored by Anna, 21 Jun 2021
Holidays are almost over and it's high time for you to take care of your best summer memories in order to keep them for years to come! We bet you’ve captured many amazing moments during this summer. And now, you should think about how to display them properly! And if you are still on your holidays, don't buy pre-made souvenirs…

Father’s Day messages from daughter and son

Authored by Anna, 18 Jun 2021
There are many holidays in our calendar. Virtually every day brings us various pretexts for celebration. From the craziest ones such as: Pizza Day or the International Day of Manned Space Flights to the well-known Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Sometimes, however, we forget about people close to our heart…

Mother’s Day Quotes

Authored by Anna, 07 May 2021
I love you, thank you for everything, you are a superhero – these are the sentences that float in the air on Mother's Day. And that's great! Sometimes, however, we want to show our love even more expressively and we hit the wall because no words can express what we feel. Then quotes come with help – they convey a whole lot of…

Spring Cleaning part 2 – how to organize your BEDROOM and LIVING ROOM for spring?

Authored by Annalisa, 29 Apr 2021
The spring is blooming. After Spring cleaning the kitchen it's time to freshen up the bedroom and the living room. How to easily organize these rooms for spring? Maybe change the colour of the walls? Buy new sofa cushions? Check out our ideas!





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Summer holiday DIY gift ideas

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