The head of the family? An authority? A hero?

Authored by Julia, 15 Jun 2020
The head of the family? An authority? A hero? Those are first things that come to one's mind when they think about their fathers. A few days before Father's Day, we would like to summarize the history of this day and, most importantly, wish all the best to all the Fathers!
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How to design the cover of a Photo Book?

Authored by Anna, 08 Jun 2020
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” - as the saying goes. However, the cover is the first thing you see after you’ve opened the parcel. If this is a present, you can see the reaction when the book is being unpacked. What is more, the cover will be the first thing visible when the book stands on your shelf. It’s like the wallpaper…
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How to take a great photo of your dog or another pet? Check what you should pay attention…

Authored by Anna, 28 May 2020
What associations do you have with spring? The first thing that comes to mind is sunshine and beautiful weather and, what comes with it, walks. And when we talk about walks, then we think of those with our family, friends and… pets! Walks are perfect occasions to dust off the old camera of yours and take some great shots of…

Why are we unoriginal and stubborn? The world through square glasses

Authored by Anna, 14 May 2020
We have recently launched a new product – a 24x24 cm Photo Book. It’s our third (apart from 20x20 and 30x30) square Photo Book format. Today we’d like to tell you why designing things in a square format seems to be the easiest and why we aren’t at all original and creative, as it is commonly believed.

10 fun facts about Mother's Day you probably didn't know

Authored by Julia, 23 Apr 2020
In a few days we'll be celebrating Mother's Day – the day of heroines of everyday life. On this occasion, Colorland wishes all Moms many beautiful moments and satisfaction of their children. We invite you to read interesting facts about this holiday!

Which country would you like to spend Easter in?

Authored by Anna, 06 Apr 2020
This time next week Easter will only be a memory. Every country that we send our products to (and there are 12 such countries), celebrates Easter in a different way. We have checked their customs and we already know which countries would be able to spend Easter together, and which would be too shocked to celebrate this happy…



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Photography Tips