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Prague for the second time

Authored by Anna, 06 Apr 2021
The second trip to Prague had a completely different character – I set off with a group of friends, visited the city together, drank mulled wine and had the opportunity to see the Christmas Market just before the pandemic. This time there was no place for my time-worn Zenit, hence the moments and places were documented with the…
Photography Tips

Spring in the lens, 6 ideas for beautiful spring captures – part 2

Authored by Annalisa, 25 Mar 2021
What's up? We hope that you found our previous spring photo tips useful and your photo session was really successful! Are your ready for the next portion of photo inspirations that Colorland has prepared for you today? Check now what might surprise you this time!

6 ideas for easy DIY Easter decorations

Authored by Annalisa, 20 Mar 2021
Easter is almost here but who is already prepared for it? Usually in the beginning we start thinking about the menu but decorations are... an equally important element of the holiday atmosphere. Today we'll present you with a couple of ideas for easy to make DIY decorations. You can't miss it!
Photography Tips

Prague for the first time

Authored by Anna, 18 Mar 2021
My adventure with analogue photography began exactly four years ago when I bought Zenit 12 XP camera quite cheaply on an online auction. I thought then that it was nothing difficult – an ordinary camera, film, then developing photos. Later I found out what an aperture is, what film to choose, and most of all – how amazing it is…
Photography Tips

Spring in the lens, 5 ideas for beautiful spring captures

Authored by Annalisa, 18 Mar 2021
Spring is the time of year when nature in its beautiful colours comes back to life. It would be a shame not to immortalize it in pictures. Colorland, inspired by what is going on around, decided to share our ideas for spring captures. There are plenty of them so we've decided to split this post into two parts! We wish you…

Yearbook quotes: what to write in a Yearbook?

Authored by Anna, 11 Mar 2021
The message you put in a Yearbook will express you for years. They will bring back memories, so try to make it special. As special as you and the person you address them to! And we'll try to help you.





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