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An incredible year in review is like a good novel - best templates

Authored by Anna, 05 Jan 2024
The end of the year is always a great opportunity to make the right summaries. 12 months pass in no time. A photo book is the perfect way to capture (even for a second) beautiful moments in time. Printed on a high-quality paper, it will preserve your memories and make you look back at the previous year with fondness.

Funny Christmas captions

Authored by Anna, 24 Nov 2023
Christmas photos are an annual tradition. Even if you run away from the camera all year round, during the Christmas season you're bound to be the hero of a few photos. No wonder - the images captured during Christmas are magical, and it's fun to go back to them. Preferably in the form of photo products with funny Christmas…
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New arrivals – plenty of Christmas templates and Colorland’s bestsellers

Authored by Anna, 08 Nov 2023
Our graphic department has had a lot of work recently. It’s because we want to offer you as many unique Christmas templates as possible. That’s why we’ve created a list of bestsellers and our new Christmas templates for you. Thanks to that you will be able to choose a perfect template this year!
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Christmas family photo shoot – how to capture this magical spirit for a long time? Photo…

Authored by Anna, 29 Oct 2023
Christmas is a magical time full of shiny decorations, lights and Christmas trees. It’s a time worth keeping in mind and it’s best to do it through… photos! Read our article on where and how to prepare a Christmas family photo shoot!
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Autumn Photography – how to create an autumn Photo Canvas?

Authored by Anna, 18 Oct 2023
Although the temperature during the day suggests otherwise, we know that autumn has already started. The Sun is getting lazier and lazier – it rises later and sets earlier these days. Its lazy habits influence us, too. It’s becoming harder to get up from bed in the morning, we don’t really feel like going out in the evenings.…
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Autumn photography ideas and tips

Authored by Anna, 15 Oct 2023
Autumn has arrived! That means one thing - it's time for photos with golden leaves in the background! If you are wondering how to make such a photo shoot to be a keepsake for years to come, here’s the selection of tips for autumn photography. We have chosen the easy-to-implement ones; after all, the perfect shot is often a…





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Summer holiday DIY gift ideas

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