Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Authored by Anna, 08 Oct 2020
“What to wear for maternity photos? When to take a maternity photo shoot? What does it look like? Where to take photos? Are there any interesting ideas I could use to take photos myself?” Future mums have enough questions and doubts on their minds, so we decided to take over the questions about maternity photos. Make sure you…
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5 Non-Typical Ideas for a Holiday Photo Book

Authored by Anna, 15 Sep 2020
We bet you still remember about them. You look at them and think: this time last month I was eating fresh fruit on the beach. Soon, though, you will forget about them– you’ll go back to the daily chores. Unless, you design a non-typical Photo Book. Then, you will, for sure, be coming back to your holiday photos again and again.

Nursery décor ideas – what to buy and what to save on?

Authored by Anna, 21 Aug 2020
Regardless of whether you are decorating the whole room or just a children’s corner in your bedroom, you need to remember that, at the beginning, it will also (or perhaps mainly) be your space. An infant doesn’t need much to be happy (theoretically). He has to be: full, changed, rested and safe. Against all appearances, those…
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7 great ideas for personalized boards with wedding seating charts and table numbers

Authored by Anna, 29 Jul 2020
The big day of your wedding is coming and you’re busy with preparations? Unless you’ve hired a professional wedding planner, choosing wedding decorations is one of the toughest nuts to crack. That’s why we’re presenting you today with 7 original ideas for personalized wedding seating charts and table numbers, which will surely…

10 DIY photo display ideas

Authored by Anna, 29 Jul 2020
In this article we will describe some DIY ideas for the best photo frames you can do to decorate your interior with your favorite pictures.
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In lack of Wall Decor ideas? Try these 7 ideas for a unique, full of emotions and…

Authored by Anna, 29 Jul 2020
Would you like to change something in your flat but you are lacking inspiration? Are you looking for a unique wall decor idea which makes your guests jealous? Colorland offers you the right solution – PHOTO CANVASES in 3 formats and a whole bunch of templates to choose from. Check right now what we have prepared just for you!