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Best wishes for a wonderful Grandparent's Day!

Authored by Anonymous, 05 Oct 2018
For love, warmth, good advice and support – there’s just too many things we should thank our Grandparents for! This Sunday we celebrate National Grandparent’s Day; would it be better time to say “thank you” to them? So… best wishes for a wonderful Grandparent’s Day!
Photography Tips

7 amazing gifts for photographers

Authored by Julia, 04 Oct 2018
There are plenty of occasions to give gifts throughout the year. But what should you do if you have completely no idea what to present a person who is passionate about photography? Just… visit the Colorland’s blog and let yourself be inspired! :) Be sure to check our ideas for photo gadgets for photographers – both for amateur…

7C - another novelty at Colorland. Find out what this mysterious 7C stands for!

Authored by Julia, 25 Sep 2018
We just can’t stop with novelties! Some of you may have noted that we introduced a NEW add-on in the basket. Well, it isn’t exactly a new product but... an amazing “7C” option which allows you to print your photos in a miraculous quality! Are you wondering what this is all about and what this mysterious 7C stands for? Read on…

Another novelty by Colorland – a cope shaped Latte Mug. The latest must-have!

Authored by Julia, 13 Sep 2018
As you probably know, Colorland is constantly developing trying to meet our customers’ expectations and surprise them with new products. This is why, we have recently introduced new products to our offer – coped shaped mugs or, so-called, latte mugs! Have you picked your favourite one yet?
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5 ideas for personalised holiday photo keepsakes by Colorland

Authored by Julia, 04 Sep 2018
Holidays are almost over and it's high time for you to take care of your best summer memories in order to keep them for years to come! We bet you’ve captured many amazing moments during this summer. And now, you should think about how to display them properly! And if you are still on your holidays, don't buy pre-made souvenirs…

New quality – Perfectly Clear. Your pictures in the best quality possible hidden in…

Authored by Julia, 24 Aug 2018
Would you like to print your pictures as photo prints or photo books but you would like to improve their quality using automatic and intelligent colour correction? Thanks to Perfectly Clear, it is possible! But that's not all... What if your colour corrected prints were packed into one of three fancy boxes? Perfect combination…