Sharebook 2.0 – do you already know our new covers?

by Julia, 15 Oct 2018
Collection of sharebooks with new covers on a desk, some of them standing in a row on the right side, others lying on the left side. 3 photos loosely located in the middle of the desk, a brick wall in the background.

Collection of 10 new Sharebook covers located in 3 vertical rows on the navy blue background

We are more than sure that there are real sharebook fans among you and those who are still getting to know its advantages. Especially for you, we have prepared something extra! Do you already know all the new covers of this mini photobook? Be sure to read this short article and get to know our latest update! There are 10 new covers thanks to which you will surely find something which will highlight the character of your photos!

What is more, along with covers, we have recently introduced another innovation – there is an extra space for text on each sharebook cover so that you can sign your mini album or personalise it with a dedication for your beloved ones. Don’t you believe us? Check it for yourself!

Collection of 10 new sharebook covers lying in the form of a horseshoe, a Flamingo sharebook and loose photos lying in the middle

1. Spring flowers – a delicate spring cover with watercolour flowers, a perfect gift for your beloved one

Two sharebooks with the Spring Flowers cover lying next to three family photos

2. Old fashioned flowers – another cover with a floral theme with one dominant colour – green. It is a universal cover thanks to which it can hold all kinds of pictures.

Two sharebooks with the Old fashioned flowers cover lying next to photos of a grandfather playing with his grandchild.

3. Aurora Borealis – a cover for all dreamers in beautiful blue and turquoise colours.

Sharebook with the Aurora Borealis cover and a photo sticking out from it.

4. Pastel Sweets – a cover showing ice cream and doughnuts in pastel colours thanks to which it is perfect for all Sweet Teeth who want to keep their #foodporn photos for years to come. It will be also great to immortalize your holiday pictures.

Sharebook with the Pastel Sweets cover, torn-away pictures showing sweets in strong colours lying around it

5. Insta Colour – a cover inspired by one of our bestseller photobook templates with the same title, designed in pastel pink and purple colours, perfect to highlight the holiday character of your pictures.

Two sharebooks, an Insta Colour sharebook lying on another open one, holiday pictures above them.

6. Colourful Balloons – are you looking for a birthday sharebook cover? Here it is! Colourful Balloons will work great as a photo booklet cover with photos of a birthday party but also as a sharebook cover made as a gift for your relative.

Sharebook with the Colourful Balloons cover, torn-away pictures of a children’s birthday party lying around it.

7. Flamingo – another holiday proposition with trendy flamingos and monsteras which is an absolute must-have in your collection!

Sharebook with the Flamingo cover lying next to holiday photos.

8. Abstract Art – a cover in navy blue colours with triangles thanks to which it is very universal and perfect for people who don’t like splendour and loud patterns.

Two sharebooks, one open lying next to a sharebook with the Abstract Art cover, photos of university students on the right side.

9. Minimal – a minimal black and white cover with zigzags, both classical and universal which will be perfect to hold all kind of photographs.

Sharebook with a Minimal cover lying next to photos of two women

10. School Memory Album – the last proposition for the youngest ones, a typical school cover which will be perfect to create a mini version of a traditional yearbook.

Sharebook with a School Memory Album cover surrounded by photos of preschoolers

We hope we flattered your taste and among so many patterns to choose, you will find the one you are looking for! Be sure to let us know what you think in a comment!

We are extremely curious about your projects, therefore we encourage you to tag your photos of our products (and especially those of new sharebook covers) on Instagram or Facebook! We will be more than happy to share your joy of a new photoproduct!