You're a perfect ambassador

  • You're active in many different groups and societies - local, for students or even... on facebook.
  • You have some spare time and you're looking for some extra noncommital things to do.
  • You have plenty of friends - close or not, at work or somewhere else.
  • You're active both online and offline.
  • You're trying to develop your profile among different social media channels, you upload new posts regularly, you have more and more followers (FB / IG / YT and other).
If any of the points describe your personality or you're somewhere between these descriptions - you're our perfect Ambassador. Write to us

What do you gain?


You'll be given 20% each time your code is used.

We're a global, responsible company. We pay for the job you do (with money, not with products or discounts :) ) For each used and paid code for a product (which you'll be able to offer with 80% discount) you'll be given 20% commission.



You don't have to invest anything. You decide on your own how you promote the code and how many people will get it.

You don't have to invest anything. You decide on your own when and how you want to share the code with your followers or friends. You'll be given the code free of charge. Then, you can decide yourself how much time you want to spend on promoting it. You don't have to make a specific number of phone calls, send the offer to a precise number of people. If you decide you don't have enough time to be our Ambassador - no problem - you are your own boss. You decide when to take a day-off.



Creating photo products is taking part in the most important moments of people's lives.

There's a story behind each photo product. Each picture is someone's memory. Each photo book, photo mug or photo calendar is a unique gift. They can commemorate important events like weddings, journeys or birthdays. These are extremely significant moments in people's lives. YOU can help make them even more special!


About Us

We're present in 13 countries in Europe

We send as many as 17448 parcels daily

How does it work?


We will provide you a with discount code for a photo product (up to 80% less than the price on our website). If you need help to promote and sell it, you need some extra materials (like FB pictures), your personal account manager will help you with that.


You decide how you distribute the codes (using a picture with a description, sharing them with your friends at a party or at work).


Each time your code is used, you get 20% commission from the price on the code (usually it's around 2,80). You won't bear any other costs when the code isn't used.


We pay you monthly. You'll be able to check your progress anytime thanks to a special pannel in which you'll be able to see how many times your code has been used and how much you have earned.

Any questions?

Do you want to take part in the programme? Share your contact details with us. You will be entitled an account manager who will answer all your questions and provide you with all the documents.

Contact with your account manager is not binding. It's just a conversation :).