Planning a baby shower – ideas, decorations, presents

Authored by Anna, 22 Oct 2020
What’s a baby shower? How to organise it? Who should take care of it? How long does the party usually take and what happens at a baby shower? We’ll allay the doubts, give precise advice to the organisers, provide useful tips for decorating the place and offer some ideas for presents.

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Authored by Anna, 08 Oct 2020
“What to wear for maternity photos? When to take a maternity photo shoot? What does it look like? Where to take photos? Are there any interesting ideas I could use to take photos myself?” Future mums have enough questions and doubts on their minds, so we decided to take over the questions about maternity photos. Make sure you…
Product tips

5 Non-Typical Ideas for a Holiday Photo Book

Authored by Anna, 15 Sep 2020
We bet you still remember about them. You look at them and think: this time last month I was eating fresh fruit on the beach. Soon, though, you will forget about them– you’ll go back to the daily chores. Unless, you design a non-typical Photo Book. Then, you will, for sure, be coming back to your holiday photos again and again.

Nursery décor ideas – what to buy and what to save on?

Authored by Anna, 21 Aug 2020
Regardless of whether you are decorating the whole room or just a children’s corner in your bedroom, you need to remember that, at the beginning, it will also (or perhaps mainly) be your space. An infant doesn’t need much to be happy (theoretically). He has to be: full, changed, rested and safe. Against all appearances, those…

Catering and photos – a perfect match

Authored by Anna, 16 Jul 2020
It’s a combination of two different worlds that complement one another perfectly well – the passion for cooking and public relations (communication agency) in the region of PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis.

We’re changing for you

Authored by Anna, 10 Jul 2020
We have just started introducing several technological advancements that will help us grow and improve our production process. Thanks to those, we will be able to offer products of even better quality in a shorter time - all to meet our clients’ requirements. We’re working hard to make your Photo Books, Photo Albums, Canvases,…