Photography Tips

How to take pictures in winter like a PRO? – techniques and tips, part 2

Authored by Anna, 22 Jan 2021
At the end of December, we told you about how to prepare yourself for taking pictures in winter outdoors. Today we would like to continue the subject and focus more on the technical aspects of taking such pictures. How to photograph a falling snow or ice crystals on plants? Read on and find answers to these and other questions!
Photography Tips

HOW TO TAKE WINTER PHOTOS LIKE A PRO? – general tips, part 1

Authored by Anna, 21 Jan 2021
Winter is in its finest. Some of us don’t like this season of the year and are waiting for summer to come. However, there are some people, who love winter for its specific climate. During winter we’ve got many opportunities to capture amazing photos! Today Colorland presents something special for you – general tips how to take…
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How to make the best Valentine's Day gift?

Authored by Anna, 20 Jan 2021
What's the first thought on your mind when you hear “Valentine's Day”? Huge, plush hearts displayed in storefronts, street vendors encouraging you to buy a bouquet of red roses or maybe a big mascot with a floppy ear and a stitched “I love you” sign? No matter the image you see with the eyes of your imagination and whether you…

10 DIY photo display ideas

Authored by Anna, 18 Jan 2021
In this article we will describe some DIY ideas for the best photo frames you can do to decorate your interior with your favorite pictures.
Photography Tips

10 most common mistakes made by beginner photographers

Authored by Anna, 14 Jan 2021
Photography has recently become your passion and you spend more and more time holding a camera? Remember that all beginnings are difficult but, as they say, no pain, no gain. Colorland has prepared for you 10 most common mistakes made by beginners photographers. Check how to avoid all of them!
Photography Tips

Romantic analogue photography – a new-old trend? + NEW IN! New paper types for photo…

Authored by Anna, 13 Jan 2021
Nowadays people are keeping coming back to film photography. It’s a new-old trend which is becoming more and more popular. Have you even wondered why this is happening? We’ve tried to answer this question so be sure to read our article! What’s more, we are presenting another novelty - new types of paper for Colorland’s photo…



Photography Tips