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6 Ideas for a Calendar Yearbook

Authored by Anna, 27 Jan 2020
It’s easy to work with, practical and can be quickly designed. The most intuitive, when it comes to summarising the whole year, Yearbook in the form of a Photo Calendar. Is it just a collection of last year’s photos or should it have some theme?
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Yearbook - your year in photos

Authored by Anna, 08 Jan 2020
2019 was exactly 365 days, 5 hours and 48 minutes long. Probably some days were not even worth mentioning again but, for sure, there were a few impossible to describe with just one picture. Now’s the best time to tell your last year’s photo story.
Photography Tips

Christmas family photo shoot – how to capture this magical spirit for a long time? Photo…

Authored by Julia, 19 Dec 2019
Christmas is a magical time full of shiny decorations, Christmas trees and lights which additionally add more charm to it. It’s a time worth keeping in mind and it’s best to do it through… photos! Read our article on where and how to prepare a Christmas family photo shoot!

3 original DIY ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know!

Authored by Julia, 04 Dec 2019
Only a few days left until Christmas! Have you already packed your gifts? No worries! If you haven’t got a chance to buy our ready Christmas boxes with photo products, we encourage you to watch other three vlogs in which we’re presenting 3 original ways to pack your Christmas gifts you probably don’t know!
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5 ideas of personalised Christmas gifts from Colorland

Authored by Julia, 13 Nov 2019
Christmas is coming and you still haven’t prepared your Christmas gifts? Or maybe you’re lacking inspiration how to prepare perfect gifts? Colorland comes to help! Don’t wait more and check our 5 ideas for personalised gifts for your loved ones! Create your products and receive them before Christmas!
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Elegant gift boxes from Colorland – Christmas gifts for your beloved ones

Authored by Julia, 08 Nov 2019
Christmas is just around the corner and gifts are an inextricable part of this holiday. Some of you have already started planning and preparing gifts for your beloved ones. But remember that the way you’ll pack your present is as important as the gift itself. Don’t worry though as Colorland will help you with that as well and…