Photography Tips

Travel photography - 5 tips and tricks

Authored by Anna, 11 Oct 2021
You’ve got the tourist map, your camera and good walking shoes, right? Then, off you go! But there is something you may have forgotten - but you will need it, especially when you are on holiday. We're talking about a few travel photography tips and tricks which will make your holiday snaps as colourful and creative as possible…
Gifts inspirations

Summer holiday DIY gift ideas

Authored by Anna, 10 Sep 2021
Garden parties, outdoor birthdays or simply nice get-togethers with a small group of friends... There are plenty of occasions to celebrate in summer. And such celebrations are often connected with gifts - the most beautiful ones - from the bottom of your heart. Do you want to thank someone for the time spent together or maybe…
Photography Tips

Outdoor photoshoot

Authored by Anna, 03 Sep 2021
Put a summer dress on, a hat, and grab the camera! The summer has finally arrived and brought the wonderful weather and the colourfulness of summer holidays, which we miss most of the year. You should make the most of this special time - and, apart from going on holiday, organise an outdoor photoshoot in the summer open air.…

Journey quotes

Authored by Anna, 17 Aug 2021
Would you like to create a holiday souvenir with similar emotions? Nothing simpler! All you need is a little time to design your photo book and a few inspirational travel quotes... which we have collected for you in the article below.
Photography Tips

How to prepare yourself for taking holiday photos? Check out 7 tips

Authored by Anna, 05 Aug 2021
Our photos are the most beautiful souvenirs we bring from holidays. How to make them look special and unlike any other holiday photos on the Internet? How to prepare for a holiday with a camera?

10 DIY photo display ideas

Authored by Anna, 08 Jul 2021
In this article we will describe some DIY ideas for the best photo frames you can do to decorate your interior with your favorite pictures.