6 Ideas for a Calendar Yearbook

by Anna, 27 Jan 2020
Calendar Yearbooks

General tips:

1. A Photo Calendar doesn’t have to contain only 13 photos. Each month can use a collage of photos that will incorporate all the most important events and memories.
2. It’s a good idea to segregate your photos according to date and place them in the calendar so they match the months. This way you won’t have to caption each photo.
3. The cover, although it’s not something you look at every day, is also an important part of the Calendar. A nice thing to do would be putting there a collage of twelve photos – one from each month of the year.

A Calendar’s cover with a collage of 12 photos

The Calendar Yearbook is a collection of the year's photos. We've learnt from experience that such personalised Calendars never end up in a bin at the end of the year. It would feel like throwing some precious photos away. Additionally, if you prepare a themed Calendar Yearbook it will make a great keepsake for years.

1. Your Child’s First Year

A Photo Calendar with the photos of a child’s first year

Time flies the fastest for those who have kids. Especially newborns. Sometimes it is possible to see the difference in only a couple of weeks. Every month the child learns new things and experiences adventures that for us – adults – seem hilarious. The first real dinner, getting onto a chair, fascination with everyday objects. Most of those moments have been perpetuated on photos, haven’t they? Now it’s enough to segregate them and create a keepsake for yourself and the child.

2. A New Flat

A Photo Calendar with the photos of renovation works and the final effect

Those who imagined that renovating a flat means changing the colours of the walls and replacing some old furniture are wrong. Finishing your apartment (or maybe building a house) is like running a marathon – it takes long and you will get tired. Yet the final effect is worth all the effort and the pictures taken ‘before and after’ will compensate all of it.

3. Sport achievements

A Photo Calendar with medalling the competitors.

An idea for an avid sports fan, an amateur, a sportsperson or the sportsperson’s relative (e.g. the mother). The Sports Yearbook depicts the massive amount of work and effort put into achieving the goals. What kinds of photos to add to such a calendar? They can be photos of:
- trainings (together with the medals or a comparison of the results achieved throughout the year),
- medalling the competitors,
- important tournaments,
- the 'before and after' photos for people who succeeded in losing weight.

4. The adventures of your pet

A Photo Calendar with photos of a naughty pet

We get one or get bestowed one, we love them and they turn into our masters – our pets. By doing things they are not supposed to, they provide us with all the precious and hilarious moments on daily basis. Those who do not have pets will never understand that the adventures of a cat can become as important as your best friend's problems.

5. Memories and plans – travelling

A Photo Calendar with pictures from various trips

Perhaps you won't be able to fill in all the months with the last year's trips – 12 trips in 12 months sounds like an extremely avid traveller, but make the rest of the months your plans or goals. Would you like to go to Peru? Let it be the theme of April! Google a few representative photos of Peru and place them on the chosen month – visualising your plans makes them easier to fulfil!

6. Culinary Calendar

A Photo Calendar with recipes

It's a perfect idea for all those who love cooking or those who enjoy travelling and trying local specialities. Let the Calendar present:
- twelve fantastic dishes you had last year,
- twelve new dishes you tried in 2020, or
- twelve new recipes you will try this year (especially recommended for traditionalists who would like to step outside their comfort zones of favourite food).

And what is your idea for a Calendar Yearbook? Do you stick to one idea or do you create spontaneous collages? Do you use only last year's photos or do you mix them with some even older ones? Comment and let us know!