Elegant gift boxes from Colorland – a new look at Christmas gifts for your beloved ones

by Julia, 08 Nov 2019
Gift boxes for photobooks, prints and photo calendars on the red background; decorative wooden letters XMAS below them.

Christmas is just around the corner and gifts are an inextricable part of this holiday. Some of you have already started planning and preparing gifts for your beloved ones. But remember that the way you’ll pack your present is as important as the gift itself. Don’t worry though as Colorland will help you with that as well and offer ready Gift Wraps. So don’t wait any longer and check it for yourself now!

Gift Wrap Boxes for Calendars

Three gift wrap boxes for photo calendas with bows on the blue background

A3 Photo Calendars and Photo Books are your no.1 when it comes to Christmas gifts. We deliver them to you in cardboard cuboid boxes which later on you have to wrap in decorative paper yourself in order to give as a gift. Isn’t your life worth making things simpler? If so, then order a gift wrap box for your calendar.

Gif showing a calendar which is wrapping by itself

Our decorative gift wrap boxes available in 3 patterns:
Leaf – a classic black&white model,
Arabesque – a delicate pattern in beige colours,
- Origami- a pattern in delicate pastel colour.
It’s up to you which one to choose ;)

A photo calendar with a photo of a smiling family wearing Santa Claus hats; a decorative gift wrap box for a photo calendar tied with a red tow next to it. The products are lying on the green background with white stars all around.

Decorative boxes for A4 Photo Books

A photo book with a navy blue cover showing a smiling family wearing Santa Claus hats; 3 gift boxes for photo books placed in a pile and a wooden letters XMAS below. All products are lying on the red background.

Another photo product with which you can buy a decorative gift box is the A4 Photo Book. The decorative boxes are offered with Classic and Exclusive Photo Books. You will find them in 3 patterns: arabesque, origami and mosaic (the same patterns which also decorate gift boxes for photo calendars).

The third model is mosaic, a green box with a light cover with colourful rhombuses which make it more charmful.

Gif showing a photo book which is wrapping by itself.

Standard and Maxi boxes for Photo Prints

Classic prints in a decorative box and photos places in a pile. 3 decorative boxes for prints on the right side, a red wooden reindeer and stars above. All products are lying on the green background.

The last product which you can buy with a decorative wrapping is classic photo prints 10x15cm. They are available in 3 patterns – mosaic, origami and arabesque (they same which decorate boxes for photo books) but distinguished by their… size! You can buy them in a standard version, it means a box with can hold up to 100 prints, and a maxi box for up to 200 prints

Gift boxes for photo prints in two sizes – 3 big boxes on the left side, 2 small boxes on the right side. All products lying on a light shelf, a brick wall in the background.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional album and you don’t want a photo book then use our boxes. Thanks to them your prints will never be in a mess again!

Gift showing classic prints which are wrapping by themselves.

Abracadabra! Don’t wait any longer! Save your time and order gift wrap boxes which will put even a bigger smile on the gifted person’s face. Remember – it’s the first impressions that matter.

How to order decorative boxes? It’s simple! Gift Boxes will be shown as suggested products after adding a photo book, photo calendar or prints to the cart. It depends solely on you if you want to order it or not. Get to it now!