How to take interesting photos of children – part 2.

by Julia, 17 Nov 2017
A girl playing with snow.

Two weeks ago we’ve shared with you the first part of tips how to take interesting and original photos of children. As we all know, children are an unlimited source of inspiration not only in everyday life but also in the photography world. Today we present you some other tips regarding children photography. We hope you’ll like it!

1.    Clothes

Clothing is a very important element of every photo. We don’t need to stress too much with the clothing of our child. There’s no need to take every effort to put your child into expensive clothes. Photos do not always need to be stylized. Remember, that to take interesting photos that express the happiness of your child, the child must feel comfortable! No matter if it’s wearing an elegant suit or shorts and t-shirt – comfort is very important.

Baby boy sitting on a blanket.

2.    Try to capture your child having fun ?

Every child has such moments the nit needs to have wild fun: running, dancing, screaming and singing around the house. No matter it’s too loud – just try to take your camera and eternize the moment of happiness on photos. This will be a great memory to cherish after many, many years.

A photo series of a dancing girl.

Photo made by: Diosa Carter:

3.    Lead a dialogue with your child.

Start talking with your child. Ask questions about favourite stories, books or best colleagues from kindergarten. In case of younger children, try to encourage them to babble and sing! You’ll see how easy it is to see many positive emotions on your child’s face. Trust us, it always works.

A babbling baby girl, dressed in a blue dress and band.

A girl staying near a Christmas tree and singing.

4.    Make the composition of your photo simpler.

Remember, that while taking pictures of your child, it’s important for the child to be in the foreground. Search for places that can create a simple composition and will not distract your little model. A meadow or a forest is a great idea.

A girl dressed in a stripped dress, standing on a meadow.

A girl in a park, holding leaves.

5.    Have fun with photography!

Children are a great source of inspiration. That’s why you should remember that no matter which tip you use, you should always take care of having fun while taking photos. Both for you and your child! Take lots of pictures, with or without props, but primarily – stay in contact with your child. Stay tuned for moody mood of your child and have fun together!

A father with his son, dressed in superman disguises.

And when you have a whole photo collection of your child, do not forget to print the best ones and eternize them on the pages of our classic photo book, exclusive photo book or a photo calendar. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to share the best memories with your loved ones!



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