How close to the page borders can the photos be placed?

To avoid any production errors (unaligned cutting, shifting paper), it is best to place the object in the project so that it does not enter the safe area (5 mm from the page edge visible in the editor) and does not touch the edge. However, if we want the element to be on the very edge of the page, we can turn on 'snapping' and 'show bleeds/overfold' options and place the item on the edge, taking into account that some part of this element will be cut or folded (inside the red area around). Therefore, do not place any key elements (faces, arms, inscriptions) too near to the edges. When we align the object (picture, clipart, etc.) to the visible edges of the page (entering the safe area) there is a risk that the object will be cut off, or that some part of background will appear between the picture and the edge of the page.

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