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Colourful cover
Surprise yourself!

Isn't it surprising that trends change so dramatically? Every month we choose one out of many original patterns which will be the 'cover of the month' and will be valid for a particular month only. A booklet with a colourful-cover can contain up to 50 pages with one 10x15 photo on each page. The Sharebook is a perfect idea for people who lack time and creativity a well as patience. Just choose 50 pics and a cover design to create an exceptional photo booklet.

Digital photo quality
Prints or a photo book?

The dilemma whether to develop prints or create a photobook is over. The Sharebook is an interesting combination of both products. This small booklet contains up to 50, 10x15 digital quality prints, printed on thick chalk paper laminated with a clear gloss. Tear away some pages and let your photo booklet turn into loose prints which you will be able to frame or put in a traditional photo album.

Side perforation
Share your memories!

The Sharebook is a practical solution for people who love sharing their memories and favourite moments. Thanks to the perforated pages you can now easily tear away single photo pages that you can gift to friends and family. The handy booklet format will not take much space and will perfectly suit even the smallest pocket. Loose photos are also a great alternative to traditional postcards or an idea for an interestingly arranged decoration.