Flaylat picture showing five coloured mugs, each of them with different coloured interior – green, yellow, orange, red and a blue one.

Not only the exterior of the mug can be personalised, but also its interior. You can choose the interior colouring from several different options: white, yellow, blue, navy blue or red.

Three magic mugs with spring family photos on the white background, one mug completely covered with a black layer is knocked over.

The interior of the mug is white. The mug is covered with a special, black layer, that disappears when the mug is filled with hot water.

Two latte mugs on the white background. One of them, knocked over, showing its white interior, the second mug with a spring family photo printed on it.

The interior of our latte mug is white. However, you can freely personalise its exterior look by changing its colour, design and by adding a photo.

Four coloured mugs with pre-made templated on the white background lined up in a row on a rainbow-striped tray.

Coloured Mug has standard dimensions. It is characterized by the traditional shape, it measures 9.5cm of height and its capacity is 330 ml.

Three magic mugs with pre-made templates. Photo showing a special black mug layer which disappears when you fill it with hot water.

Magic Mug is of the same size and height as the coloured one. It is characterized by the standard shape – both the bottom and the top of the mug have the same diameter.

Three latte mugs on the white background forming a pyramid. Two mugs with printed photos, the third one designed with the usage of a pre-made template.

Latte Mug, as the magic and coloured ones, measures 9.5 cm of height and it has the capacity of 330 ml. This is its shape which makes it unique. It is narrow at the bottom and wider at the top.