Personalized Magic Photo Mugs

The magic photo mug can be designed from the scratch or personalized thanks to available templates and photos which you can add in the editor.

Magic Mugs

You can order the magic photo mug using one of the differently styled premade templates.

Magic Photo Mugs - personalize with your own photo

+ Is an ideal gift for your loved ones. You can just put your own photos on the mug or design the look of the mug from the scratch. Thanks to that you’re able to prepare a gift which will show the gifted person how well you know each other.
+ Designing it is a real treat for artistic souls. The editor offers plenty of options such as changing the background, changing the layout, adding cliparts and frames or modifying the font. Additionaly the thermal magic mug gradually changes its appearance under the influence of warm beverages. Adding a photo of a sunset would be an interesting idea for a magic mug design.
+ Can look the way you want it to look. So even if you don’t have a popular hobby, you are a fan of a band that’s not widely popular or you are a fan of a local football club and you’d like to incorporate that fact onto the mug then a personalized mug is the only way to go.
- Designing and ordering it will take a certain amount of time. Especially if you start going through every option available in the editor and you’ve got no idea how the mug should look like.

Magic Mugs - choose a pre-made template

+ Is an ideal gift for your colleagues –- a coworker, distant aunt, classmate. You’re not too close so gifting something too personal could lead to an awkward situation.
Pre-made mug templates are designed in a way that you won’t have to choose and upload photos.
+ Ordering it is quick and easy. It’s because you don’t have to go through the whole process of designing (choosing the background color, adding clip-arts and frames). You only choose a pre-made template and go straight to the cart. It makes the whole process much easier if you don’t have time to check various colour versions of a mug.
+ Can be a compromise between preparing a personalized gift  (which takes time) and buying a ready gift (which is quick and easy). It will work if the person you’re gifting has a popular hobby (e.g. watching football matches – Don’t talk to me template) or likes something that most of the people like (e.g. coffee – Coffee Lover 4 template). If so, then you’ll be able to quickly create a personalized gift using only a pre-made template.
- Looks similar to mugs available at stores. You’ll never be sure if the person you wish to gift doesn’t have a similar mug. Or maybe the mug is magical?