Photo mugs latte

A personalized photo mug latte in the shape of a cone, which you can design from scratch or by personalizing one of the premade templates.

Mugs latte

A mug latte, shaped like a cone, which you can quickly order by using premade templates for every occasion.

Latte Photo Mugs - personalize with your own photo

+ Is a cool gift for your loved one who likes stylish things. On a personalized mug any element of a chosen template can be altered or you can even start from scratch by selecting a blank theme template. It gives you endless possibilities and shows how well you know the gifted person. You don’t even have to add a photo. It can be a sticker of their favourite animal  (e.g. unicorn, cat, etc.), a caption that only you two understand or their favorite color.
+ Is the best choice if you’ve got an artistic soul – you like experimenting with different colours and patterns and you’re following current trends. You’ll design the personalized mug using our editor. You’ll be able to change the background (to a different colour or pattern), choose the intensity of colours or add decorative frames to your photos. The thing that makes the personalized latte mug different from the personalized coloured mug is its shape. Latte mug is shaped like a cone and that’s why the artsy ones will like it.
+ Is the only solution, if you want to create a personalized mug but you’ve got a rare hobby. If you listen to bands that are not widely known or you’re a fan of a local sports club and want to include that on your photo mug then you need to use our editor. A personalized mug with a photo of your favourite band doesn’t have to be a latte mug. Mugs such as magic mug and coloured mug offer the same designing options. The only different thing about the latte mug is that it’s shaped like a cone.
- It’s creation and design process just like every other photo mug’s takes more time then buying a non-personalized mug.  How much more? It depends on how much you’re modifying the premade template and if you’re using one at all.

Latte Mugs - choose a pre-made template

+ Is a better choice if you’re designing a mug for colleagues but you know that they follow recent trends. Pre-made mug templates are created in a way that doesn’t require uploading photos. At the same time the shape of a latte mug refers to the interest in recent trends.
+ Is the best choice if you like the shape of the mug but you don’t have time and/or the will to personalize it (looking for an appropriate photo on the hard drive, altering templates, playing with colours and patterns, etc. takes a decent amount of time).
+ Is a smart choice if the person you’re gifting the mug to (or yourself, if you’ve decided to treat yourself) has a popular hobby or interest. Contrary to popular belief we’re all very much alike. We all know a person who drinks a lot of coffee, likes watching sports, listening to music, etc. That’s why we’ve prepared many differently themed templates. A gift like that is not only personalized but also quick to make.
- The Latte Mug might look like many others in the shops because there is no possibility to put your own captions or photos on it. It surely doesn’t look the same as all the templates available here were designed by us.