Personalized Coloured Photo Mugs

A photo mug which you can create by designing it from the scratch or by personalizing premade templates. You can add your own photos, text or choose the inside color of the mug.

Coloured Mugs

The photo mug which you’ll order using a premade non-editable template. You’ll be able to choose the inside color of the mug once you’re in the basket. 

Coloured Photo Mugs - personalize with your own photo

  • Is an interesting gift for a loved one. You’ll be able to create a unique gift by adding clip-arts, captions or photos in the editor. A gift that will be a reminder of the most beautiful and funny moments spent together that only you two might know about. A coloured mug has an additional personalization feature - you can choose the inside colour of the mug from six available ones. If you don’t know how to prepare a personizable mug like that click here. The personalization feature as well as all premade templates are free.
  •  Is a good choice for those who have a unique taste. If the shops have a specific shoe trend people like that consequently look for something different. Even when the whole fashion industry is going crazy over „the colour of season” people with unique taste won’t wear it. Personalized ceramic coloured mug can have a different inside colour - something totally different from the common black & white. It’s a paradise for individualists.
  • Is the only choice if you fancy unique objects. It’s not because you go against everybody else’s will but because that’s what your hobby and interests are. We’ve got plenty ready to use templates even though it’s difficult to design something that will suit everybody’s taste. That’s why you can add your own photos. You’ll be able to design a mug with a logo of your favourite sports club, visualisation of your favourite book character or your favourite actor. The latte mug and the magic mug can be personalized in the same way as the coloured mug. So if you don’t care about the inside colour of your mug it might be better to choose other mugs in our offer. You can see the differences here.
  • Creating this mug can take as much time as creating other mugs, and often it takes a lot of imagination as well. Unless you decide upon a premade template and the only personalization option you will want to use is to add photos. It won’t take too much time to design and order a mug, unless you’ll search through hundreds of photos to find the perfect one.

Coloured Mugs - choose a pre-made template

  • It will make a perfect gift for someone you know but don’t know too much about that person - a colleague or an aquaintance.
  • Even though the Coloured Mug templates don’t contain space for photos their themes are diverse. It will be enough if you know a small detail about them so you’ll be able to decide which template to choose - if they like coffee - Coffee Lover 3 template, they are cat lovers - Cat Family template and if they are book warms - So Many Books Gold template.
  • It takes much less time to order it than a Coloured Photo Mug. It’s very easy to loose track of time while checking out all the options the editor has to offer. If you order a mug with a pre-made template you’ll avoid going through the editor and you’ll be taken straight to the cart. You’ll still be able to choose the inside colour of the mug there. That seems like a quick decision to make - you’ve got six colours to choose from : white, yellow, blue, green, red and navy blue.
  • Is ideal if you’re not the artistic type and you remember words rather than pictures. You’re unable to combine different colours and patterns and you’d rather colour a premade colouring book than sit in front of a blank paper and come up with what to draw. If you’re that person then don’t make yourself go through all that trouble and use a premade template with which you won’t have to add or change anything.
  • Because of the lack of personalised elements such as a space for a caption or a photo the mug might look like many others out there. Especially if you’ll choose a neutral, themeless one. Thank God you can change the inside colour of the mug and make it special this way!